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Fic: One Moment More Chapter 2

Well thank's for the few people that gave me feedback. I sent this out to about 500+ people and I got 3 peices of feedback.
It's better then none hu.
A special thank's to etoilesouslamer who gave me the best feedback ever and sparked my brain to layout the next 5 chapters in one day. *smooch*
Ohhh and I must not forget momentsintime for my beautiful icon :)

Title: One Moment More
By: Nora remember_nomore
Email: Litaschick AT
Website: Deepest Desires
Pairing: Tara/Spike, Willow/Tara, Xander/Anya, Anya/? (Fling), Buffy/Willow, Dawn/? (It’s a surprise right now) More pairings....
Rating: PG-16 but parts have a tendency to get R/NC-17
Spoilers: Season 6, Entropy/Seeing Red, around there is when I changed everything, I changed it there after.
Warnings: Death (sort of), magic abuse, kinky vampire sex, F/F, M/F and anything else I decide.
Summary: Warren’s bullet brings new life to one of the Scoobies. (I promise the Fic is better then the summary sounds)
Archive: Fire and Ice, Deepest Desires (My site), anyone else please ask. I will say yes most likely ;)
Changes: The show went as is except for a few things, Buffy and Spike stopped sleeping together after Dead Things, Spike never tried to attack Buffy, Xander did leave Anya at the alter but she declined to become a demon again, Spike and Anya never slept together. Also Dawn is 17 in season 6
Authors Notes: This is my first time writing something not totally smutty so feedback is so appreciated. The title One Moment More is from Mindy Smith's album of that title.
Thanks: My beautiful Red for betaing for me when I knew she wanted to smack me upside the head with all my questions. To my ‘nervous Fic readers’ that I tirade with questions and feed me and my ego.

“Will, Willow stop!” Buffy shouted to the red headed witch as she stormed off through the hospital parking lot.
It was obvious the girl was ready to wreak god only knows what havoc on whoever crossed her path. Buffy wasn’t exactly sure why, although her recent being shot did come to mind. She had shown up moments earlier and magically saved the Slayer who was near death thanks to Warren and his gun. The bastard had shot her in her own backyard while she and Xander were discussing a fight from the previous morning. They had just patched things up when BANG!

Willow spun around, her eyes blazing darkly.
“What? I don’t have time for this! He has to pay for what he’s done.”
“Willow, we will take care of it. Warren will pay for what he did,” Buffy gently said, putting a hand on her friends’ shoulders. “But you need to calm down. It’s not as bad as it could have been. I mean, look at me; because of you I’m alive.”
“I’m still having problems wrapping my brain around that one,” Xander mused. “I mean how Willow, I thought you were done with all the mojo.”
“I was. Till he shot her,” she replied, her eyes growing darker.
“Will, look at me, I’m fine. Everything’s going to be ok. We’ll find Warren and he will pay…the right way.”
“Everything’s not ok.” Willow glared at her two friends, although she realized she had no reason to be angry at them. They didn’t know. Her face softened, though it conveyed a hurt deeper than the Slayer had ever seen.
“Will, what’s going on? What happened that we don’t know about?” Buffy asked.
“Tara. Warren killed her. S-she died in my arms up in my bedroom.”

Sheer horror covered her friends’ faces as they heard the news of Tara’s death.
“H-how?” Buffy gasped; shocked that one of her friends was gone.
“When he shot you…another bullet came through the window and hit her.” Willow’s tears and hurt turned to anger “Now he’s going to pay.” She turned to walk away but Xander grabbed her arm. “Let go.” She snapped.
“No, Willow, you need to stop, we need to get back to the house. We need to take care of things there.”
“There's nothing that needs to be taken care of. Warren needs to be dealt with; he needs to pay for what he’s done; for what he’s taken.”
“Tara. That’s exactly why we need to go back to the house.” Buffy moved in front of her friend and placed her hands on Willow’s shoulders “We need to go home and take care of things Will. We can’t leave Tara at the house like that. What if Dawn comes home? Do you really want her to walk into your bedroom and find her lying there? You know Tara wouldn’t want that.”
Willow looked down at her blood soaked shirt and slightly nodded her head, Buffy was right, she couldn’t leave Tara’s body lying in the bedroom like that. She couldn’t believe that she went storming off and leaving her lover’s body where she fell.
“Y-you’re right,” Willow said quietly, her voice cracking. “How could I have been so stupid? How could I just go and leave her there?”
Buffy hugged her tight as she felt Willow’s body start to shake as she cried. Xander walked over and wrapped his arms around his two friends, wishing he could erase the day and take all of their pain away. He kissed the tops of their heads softly.
“We should head back now. Dawn will be home in about an hour.”
Willow nodded as she walked huddled with Buffy towards Xander's car, crying in the back seat on Buffy’s lap the entire way home. Her heart hurt so much she didn’t think she could ever breathe again. Her love was gone.
Willow was afraid to close her eyes, for every time she did, she saw Tara getting shot all over again.
In her mind, she saw the bullet rip through her lover’s chest, the blood soaking her light blue shirt. Willow watched as Tara fell to the floor, her body lifeless.
Tara was gone and there was nothing she could do to change it.

Before long, they had reached the Summers house. Dread flooded her at the thought of entering the room where her love lay dead. Her eyes found Buffy’s.
The Slayer looked at her best friend with helpless eyes. She desperately wanted to say something, anything to make her dearest friend feel better. But she just couldn’t find the words. And in all honesty, she didn’t think there were words. All she could do was take her friends hand.
“I’m here, Will, always.”
Willow nodded through tears and steeled herself. Xander moved to her other side and together, they entered the house through the open front door.
To the average person, everything would seem just fine. But they knew better.
Buffy looked into the living room from where she stood and was flooded with memories; both good and bad.

She saw the couch where she had found her mother dead from a brain aneurysm. It was the same room where her sister Dawn had given her a frame, made with shells they got at the beach, for her birthday.
Turning, she saw the dining room table where they had all gathered time after time, enjoying food, fun and late night research parties.
Sighing, she turned her hazel eyes to the stairs, dreading the steps they were about to take almost as much as Willow. Almost. The Slayer sadly realized that none of them could truly know the pain their friend was in at the moment.
They began making their way of the stairs, when Buffy tripped on a black leather jacket. A familiar black, leather jacket. Xander bent down and picked it up, looking into one of the pockets. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and looked at Buffy.
Willow took off running up the stairs and to her bedroom, barely noticing the blonde vampire crouching in the corner, away from the sunlight and staring intently at the fallen witch.
Willow gathered Tara into her arms, overcome with grief as she sobbed openly.
“Why, goddess I don’t understand… we were supposed to be happy together.”
She ran her hand down the side of the blonde’s cheek, brushing the hair away from her face. Suddenly, her eyes grew wide and she leaned down close.
There was blood on Tara’s face, trickling out of the corner of her mouth. Willow wiped it off with her fingers. It was cold…very cold. She didn’t remember seeing blood on her face…
She looked at Buffy and Xander who were still standing in the doorway, both in shock at the sight of their dead friend. Again, the Slayer wished for some words of comfort for the witch, but as before, found none. She turned away, unable to face the sight of Willow holding Tara’s lifeless body in her arms. That’s when she saw the vampire.
“Spike, why are you he-” she stopped short when she noticed the small but fresh gash in his wrist. “Oh my god…what did you do?”
Xander looked at him, saw his wrist and instantly knew what happened.
“She was alive when you got here wasn’t she?” he quietly said, his anger rising as the events started to sink in. “She was alive and you…you fed her…you fed her, you sick bastard!”
He charged the vampire, reaching down, yanking him up by his black tee shirt and slammed him into the wall.
“, you wouldn’t…you…” Buffy’s head was spinning.
“You fed her?” Willow’s voice was barely above a whisper, but it drew all eyes to her. “Did you? Spike, did you change her?”
He nodded.
“Had to, Pet, couldn’t let her die.”
“You killed her!” Xander growled, slamming him against the wall again. “You had to drink your fill!”
“Xander,” Buffy said, reaching out to him.
“I’ll kill you myself!”
“Thank you.”
Once again, Willow’s soft voice brought their eyes to her.
“He saved her, Buffy,” Willow continued, a small smile forming on her lips. “He saved her…he saved Tara…now we can be together forever. Goddess, Spike, thank you!”
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