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Fic: One Moment More Chapter 4 & 5

Because you all are special. Here are 2 new chapters. hehe :)

Enjoy and feedback :)

Title: One Moment More
By: Nora remember_nomore
Email: Litaschick AT
Website: Deepest Desires
Pairing: Tara/Spike, Willow/Tara, Xander/Anya, Anya/? (Fling), Buffy/Willow, Dawn/? (It’s a surprise right now) More pairings....
Rating: PG-16 but parts have a tendency to get R/NC-17
Spoilers: Season 6, Entropy/Seeing Red, around there is when I changed everything, I changed it there after.
Warnings: Death (sort of), magic abuse, kinky vampire sex, F/F, M/F and anything else I decide.
Summary: Warren’s bullet brings new life to one of the Scoobies. (I promise the Fic is better then the summary sounds)
Archive: Fire and Ice, Deepest Desires (My site), anyone else please ask. I will say yes most likely ;)
Changes: The show went as is except for a few things, Buffy and Spike stopped sleeping together after Dead Things, Spike never tried to attack Buffy, Xander did leave Anya at the alter but she declined to become a demon again, Spike and Anya never slept together. Also Dawn is 17 in season 6
Authors Notes: This is my first time writing something not totally smutty so feedback is so appreciated. The title One Moment More is from Mindy Smith's album of that title.
Thanks: My beautiful Red for betaing for me when I knew she wanted to smack me upside the head with all my questions. To my ‘nervous Fic readers’ that I tirade with questions and feed me and my ego.

Chapter 4

Xander held open the door to the Magic Box for Dawn and followed her inside.
“Dawn, I’m sure there are shelves in the back that need restocking.”
“Please Dawnie, don’t argue.” Xander looked down at her with pleading eyes.
She walked into the back room, discarding her backpack on the big round table that served as the centerpiece of countless late night research sessions.
“I’ll be with you in a minute!”
Anya’s voice came from behind the counter, although she was nowhere in sight. A few seconds later, she popped up and found her ex staring at her.
“Xander,” she said flatly. “What do you want?”
Xander looked at her, he effects of the day weighing heavy on his heart. He shed his jacket, revealing a yellow shirt stained with blood, dropping the jacket on the floor.
Anya’s eyes got wide.
“Xander are you ok?” She fixed her shirt. “Not that I care, really, but I don’t want you bleeding onto my newly polished shop floor.”
He stumbled, as if drunk, to the nearest chair at the big lighted table and collapsed.
“An,” he weakly began, looking down at his hands.
Traces of blood still decorated them. He looked up at the ex demon with tear filled eyes, the day’s events finally catching up to him.
Anya was now concerned. Dropping her pen, she came out from behind the counter and went to him.
“Xander, what happened?” she placed her hands on his. “Are you hurt?”
She started to pull up his shirt, her eyes searching for wounds. He shook his head, his own eyes moving back to his stained hands.
“I-I’m not hurt.”
“Then what’s going on?” She tilted her head like a confused puppy, her eyes searching Xander for some sign or clue as to what was happening.
“It’s Tara.” He whispered and watched as Anya walked over to the sink and brought back a clean wet cloth. “Warren came into the backyard this morning and shot Buffy and Tara.”
Anya’s hand flew to her mouth, obviously shocked “Oh my gosh, are they dead? Was there a lot of blood? Certainly there was blood, I mean look at you, you’re covered in it.”
“No, Buffy’s alive. Tara’s well…”
“Tara’s what Xander? Is she ok? Is she alive?”
“Sh-she was dying and for god only knows what reason Spike was there and…” Xander's voice broke. Anya put her hand on his face and made him look up at her.
“Xander tell me.”
“Spike was there and he took it upon himself to change her.” Xander could feel the anger rising in him again and clenched his hands into fists. “Willow was at the hospital with me and Buffy; she saved her, brought her back, magic. She was about to go after Warren but we talked her out of it.” He took a deep breath. “We came home and found Spike near Tara’s body… he fed her. Before I could kill him, Dawn came home and Buffy begged me to bring her here.”
Surprisingly calm, Anya placed her hands on his and simply said, “I’ll call Giles.”

Buffy watched quietly as Spike walked down the pathway out of the Summers home and made his way to his crypt, Tara in his arms. The two of them had had a rational conversation and convinced Willow that for Tara’s sake, it was best the vampire take her to his place. Willow, so happy her love wasn’t going six feet under, surprisingly agreed with no fuss. After all, she knew the house wasn’t vampire safe and figured the day or two would give her time to fix that problem. She happily packed a bag for her lover, including the cell phone Xander gave the blonde witch for Christmas. It would be easer and quicker for them to contact each other this way.
Buffy hoped sending her friend to Spike’s crypt, putting her in his care, was the right thing to do. Turning around, she saw Willow at the top of the stairs, her eyes eerily wide with excitement. Sighing, the Slayer decided to get on with it.
“Will, we need to talk,” she said.
“Can’t now Buffy, I have to prepare for Tara’s coming home party.”
She made her way down the stairs, waving her hands in the air and muttering something Buffy didn’t understand but knew had to be an incantation.
The living room was instantly filled with party streamers and balloons. A chill ran down Buffy’s spine as the room now resembled the way it looked the night of Xander and Anya’s engagement party.
Buffy walked over to her and placed a hand on the red heads shoulder.
“Will, sit. We really need to talk.”
Willow looked at her friend with a smile on her face “I Okay, but I can’t be too long, I have a lot to do.”
Buffy ushered her over to the couch and sat down on the coffee table in front of her, a wave of sadness overcoming her. Between the loss of her friend and the obvious denial state of her best friend, the Slayer was ready to lose it.
Buffy looked at the redhead on the sofa and couldn’t help remember the night a few weeks ago, when she had confessed her dark secret to the blonde witch... She remembered breaking down into tears, wanting to know why she let Spike get to her like he was.
Tara was the only one that knew about the ‘relationship’; but assured Buffy that there wasn’t anything wrong with her; that she didn’t come back wrong like she thought.

“So what did you want to talk to me about, Buffy? I need to finish getting things ready for Tara’s homecoming. You know there are a lot of things that we have to do around here. Say, do you know where you put those hunter green curtains that your mom used to have hanging in Dawnie’s room? Hmm, maybe Xander can put shutters or something on these front windows.” Willow looked at her friend. “You know Tara can’t be in the sunlight anymore. Guess I’m gonna get that, midnight picnic I always wanted now, huh?”
“Will. Stop. You need to calm down.” Buffy placed a hand on her friend’s knee. “We need to talk, you have to stop this.” She gestured to the cheerfully decorated living room. “You’re preparing for a party as if Tara is coming back from vacation or something. Will, sweetie,” Buffy leaned in and placed a hand on her friends’ cheek. “If this works with Tara, you know it won’t be the same. She’s not human anymore. She’s a vampire. Nothing will be the same.”
Buffy stared at her friend, who didn’t seem to get what she was being told.

Xander watched Anya as she moved about in the Magic Box, ushering out the last few customers before locking the door and moving the sign to ‘closed’. It was all very surreal to him; like this was just some horrible nightmare that he couldn’t wake up from.
Anya walked back over to him and sat on the chair across from his.
“Try to calm down. Giles has been called and he’s going to get into contact with Buffy and then decide from there. I closed the shop down for the afternoon. I’ll probably stay open later on the weekends to make up for the loss but never mind that right now, there are more important things to deal with right now.”
Xander nodded, and had the situation not been so bad, would have made a comment or two about the world coming to an end because she was closing the store. As it was, he merely nodded and tried to form sentences. Feeling weak, he rested his head on Anya’s lap.
“W-why?” he mumbled, feeling everything finally catch up with him as the tears he held in finally fell “I can’t believe what’s happened, I can’t believe she’s dead.”
“What?! Who’s dead?” Dawn cried in alarm, dropping the books and trinkets she had in her hands. “Xander, tell me!”

Chapter 5

Spike laid Tara down on his bed, pushing the hair away from her face and kissing her forehead lightly.
“I’m so sorry pet,” he whispered. “I didn’t know what else do to. I was probably foolish to think that I could have you the way you were. Maybe this was for the best. I know you could never love me when you were human.”
He took a deep, unneeded, breath and stood up. He looked down at her; she looked like she was sleeping but, sadly, he knew better. He knew she was changing; turning into a demon, becoming stronger and more aware, losing her soul.
That’s what killed him the most. Yes, he did bring her back but the consequence of that was losing her soul.
However, he knew that if anyone could find a permanent soul restoration, it was Willow. He just hoped that he didn’t make anything worse by trying to save Tara the way he did. The way the redhead was acting, he wasn’t so sure he didn’t.

Spike busied himself around the crypt, trying to make the time go quicker. He was excited as well as dreading Tara waking up. He picked up the bag that Willow had packed and moved his items to make room for hers. He wanted to do anything he could do to make the transition easer.
That wasn’t going to be easy, this he knew, but he was determined to try.

Tara’s mind swirled; Willow, their friends, her family, Spike; all flowed though her head.
She had a flash of memory, Willow’s smile, and then a piercing pain ripping through her chest; blood splattering Willow’s shirt; her falling to the ground and then black.
She wasn’t sure where she was now. Even though she wasn’t awake she could smell and feel her surroundings. They were very familiar to her, comforting.
Her mind started flashing again and these were memories she never lived. They belonged to someone else.
She saw a young man who strikingly resembled Spike, with someone who seemed to be his mother. They were reading together by candle light. She saw a raven haired woman approach the man, it then flashed to the woman vamping out and biting the man. She then flashed back to the young man and his mother, without seeing she knew that her son had turned her into a vampire at some point, and Tara watched as his mother verbally beat him with insults, nearly reducing the young immortal to tears.
Her heart broke as she watched as he was forced to stake his own mother to protect himself as well as preserve her memory.
Tara continued to see flashes of memories that were not her own, but his, the man and his triumphs, conquests and kills. As the memories continued to flood her mind she came to realize that this wasn’t a man that resembled Spike but WAS Spike.
She was watching her William become Spike.
She was very confused as to what and why all this was happening. Why she would be dreaming about Spike’s memories? Why would she see things that he refused to talk about with her?
Most importantly, why did she feel this urge, this hunger like she had never felt before. She felt angry, filled with the lust to hunt and kill. And she craved blood. She needed blood desperately.

Tara then heard voices, although she didn’t see anyone’s face. They were telling her things about Buffy and Faith that she already knew. It was very surreal.
Suddenly, she shot awake with a jolt and her eyes flew open. She went to take a deep breath but realized it wasn’t necessary.

“What’s going on?” she softly asked, her eyes finding Spike on the bed next to her. “Where am I? Where’s Willow? Spike, what’s happening?”
The vampire felt his heart breaking. What had he done?

Xander and Anya stared at Dawn, neither knowing what to say or how to say it.
“You guys, tell me what’s going on!” Dawn, obviously panicked, stood by the counter. “Who died? Is Buffy ok?”
Anya calmly got up and walked over to the panicked youngest Summers.
“Dawnie, come sit down and we will explain everything.”
Dawn ripped her arm away from Anya’s gentle grasp.
“No! Not till you tell me if Buffy’s ok.” She looked at Xander. Seeing the obvious pain and confusion in his eyes, she moved next to him and knelt down, tears in her eyes. “Xander, please.”
He looked at her, mirroring her tears with his own.
“Something bad has happened, Dawn. “Something really bad.” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Warren came to the house this morning while Buffy and I were talking. H-he shot Buffy.”
The tears started to fall faster. “This can’t be happening. W-we just got her back. I can’t lose her again.”
He placed his hands on her shoulders.
“No Dawnie, Buffy’s not dead. She’s ok. Willow did what she does best, she saved her. But she couldn’t save-”
“Tara.” Dawn finished Xander's sentence for him.
“Yea,” he said softly, dreading telling Dawn the rest of the news “That’s not all. Dawn sit.”
Dawn nervously sat down next to Xander. Anya sat behind her and put her hand around her shoulders for comfort.
“What else?” she said quietly and nervously.
“Spike was at the house.”
“Is he ok?!” In spite of Spike being a vampire, she loved him as if he was part of the family. He always talked to her as an equal and not someone lesser then him. It seemed, at times, he didn’t even notice the age difference between the two of them.
“Unfortunately, yes.” He cleared his throat. “Never mind that; he did something unspeakable Dawnie, he…he changed her."
Dawn leapt from her chair.
“He what? He would never do that, Xander what are you talking about?! Spike would never do that, especially to Tara.”
Anya finally spoke in a low voice.
“It’s true. He changed her because he thought it would be a way to save her.”
“He said he did it because it was better than losing her all together,” Xander stated, looking up at her. He shook his head and looked back down. “Willow’s a total mess. She’s happy…actually happy, about it. She seems to be in denial. Buffy and I don’t know what to do.”
Dawn fell to her knees and placed her hands over her face as the tears fell. She felt like her world was collapsing around her.
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