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One Moment More 6 & 7

I posted 2 new chapters of One Moment More at the site.
I'm lazy to make a post so you need to click on the link at the bottom to view the chapters.

Title: One Moment More
By: Nora
Email: Litaschick AT
Pairing: Tara/Spike, Willow/Tara, Xander/Anya, Buffy/Willow, Dawn/? (It’s a surprise right now)
Rating: PG-16 but parts have a tendency to get R/NC-17
Spoilers: Season 6, Entropy/Seeing Red, around there is when I changed everything, I changed it there after.
Warnings: Death (sort of), magic abuse, kinky vampire sex, F/F, M/F and anything else I decide.
Summary: Warren’s bullet brings new life to one of the Scoobies. (I promise the Fic is better then the summary sounds)
Archive: Fire and Ice, Deepest Desires (My site), anyone else please ask. I will say yes most likely ;)
Changes: The show went as is except for a few things, Buffy and Spike stopped sleeping together after Dead Things, Spike never tried to attack Buffy, Xander did leave Anya at the alter but she declined to become a demon again, Spike and Anya never slept together. Also Dawn is 17 in season 6
Authors Notes: This is my first time writing something not totally smutty so feedback is so appreciatedJ.

One Moment More 6 & 7 :)
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