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One Moment More Chapter 8

Sorry for the delay in chapters.
Here's chapter 8
All prevous chapters can be found on my site.

Title: One Moment More
By: Nora remember_nomore
Email: Litaschick AT
Website: Deepest Desires
Pairing: Tara/Spike, Willow/Tara, Xander/Anya, Anya/? (Fling), Buffy/Willow, Dawn/? (It’s a surprise right now) More pairings....
Rating: PG-16 but parts have a tendency to get R/NC-17
Spoilers: Season 6, Entropy/Seeing Red, around there is when I changed everything, I changed it there after.
Warnings: Death (sort of), magic abuse, kinky vampire sex, F/F, M/F and anything else I decide.
Summary: Warren’s bullet brings new 'life' to one of the Scoobies. Will they ever be the same? Will they stay together or fall apart?
Archive: Fire and Ice, Deepest Desires (My site), anyone else please ask. I will say yes most likely ;)
Changes: The show went as is except for a few things, Buffy and Spike stopped sleeping together after Dead Things, Spike never tried to attack Buffy, Xander did leave Anya at the alter but she declined to become a demon again, Spike and Anya never slept together. Also Dawn is 17 in season 6
Authors Notes: This is my first time writing something not totally smutty so feedback is so appreciated. The title One Moment More is from Mindy Smith's album of that title.
Thanks: My beautiful Red for betaing for me when I knew she wanted to smack me upside the head with all my questions. To my ‘nervous Fic readers’ that I tirade with questions and feed me and my ego.

“Quick, get dressed before Red comes down here and goes all black eyes on us.” Spike tossed her a pair of her jeans as he zipped up his.
Tara looked down at the clothes.
“I can’t worry about that,” she replied, her eyes gazing at the bite mark on her breast. It was already showing signs of healing. “I have more then pressing things to worry about right now.”
She looked up and saw Willow climbing down the ladder, flowers in hand. The redhead turned around and smiled gleefully at the new vampire. Tara felt a pang of regret and longing; part of her still loved the red witch and always would. However, she knew she couldn’t put her in this situation. The tales Willow herself had told her, of Buffy and Angel danced freshly in her head. She would not be a sequel. Willow would have to deal, as much as it would hurt, with the cold fact that they could no loner be together. Inside her crowded head, the blonde witch felt a measure of comfort in knowing that Buffy would take care of her former lover. It was odd…a part of her seemed to always know that in the end; the Slayer would be the one by the redhead’s side.

Willow rushed to Tara and pulled her into her arms.
“Oh baby, I’m so glad I have you back! I’d be so lost without you. Now I never will!”
She held Tara tight, closing her eyes and inhaling the sweet scent of her lover. Tara felt different, cooler, somewhat firmer, but she didn’t pay much mind to it. After all, she was now a vampire…things would be different.
Tara looked down at the human witch, felt how warm she was and found herself staring at Willow’s neck. She could see and almost feel the blood pumping. Her first instinct was to drink but she knew it was wrong.
“Willow,” she whispered softly, struggling not to act on instinct. “We need to talk.”
The witch didn’t budge; she was too overwhelmed. She was afraid if she let go that Tara would disappear.
She was pulled out of her revere when she heard someone clear their throat. Opening her eyes, she saw Spike standing on the other side of the room near the bed. She looked at him, noticing that he wasn’t wearing a shirt and his chest was covered in scratches. Her emerald eyes moved over him, studying and she saw a fresh bite mark on his neck. Looking at the bed, she saw the crumbled sheets. Instantly, she pulled away from Tara.

“Tara?” she said softly and very confused.
She finally saw what her girlfriend was wearing and gasped in shock. Tara always refused to wear the thong when they were together no matter how many times Willow tried to talk her into it. With it, she wore one of Spike’s shirts. There was only one button left that was closed, not leaving much to the imagination. She saw the bite mark on the breast she knew so well and felt her heart break.
She looked into the blonde’s eyes, questioning her without words and saw something that was, what she thought, only meant for the two of them.
Desire and passion flooded Tara’s eyes. Willow knew that look all too well. She had seen it a lot… in the bedroom.
“Tara, what’s going on “I-I thought you were mine. I thought we would be together, forever, especially now that Spike saved you and you’re a vampire.”
”It’s not that simple.” Tara‘s voice was soft, although she was growing impatient with the witch. It hurt her, feeling that way and she felt bad for feeling upset and angry at her former lover, but something inside of her couldn’t help it.
“Willow, you knew that things would change when Tara did.” Spike finally spoke up, walking closer to the witch. “Buffy and I spoke to you about this before I left th-”
Willow waved her arm and sent Spike flying across the room. “I was talking to Tara, not you.” She shouted; feeling the anger rising inside of her.
Tara crossed her arms. “Willow you can’t do this. It’s not right.” She stepped closer to her. “Things are different now, I’ve changed, everything has changed.”

“Why? It can be just the two of us, the way it’s supposed to be!” Willow felt tears well up in her eyes as she looked back at Tara. “This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.”
Tara felt lost. She wanted to go to Willow, comfort her, but she couldn’t. It wasn’t fair, none of it was…not her pain, not Willow’s pain, neither of them deserved to feel like this. It was his fault…Warren Mears.
“None of this is supposed to be, Will, but guess what, it is. We can’t change what has happened. We can only grow and move on.” She placed her hand on her cheek and brushed away Willow’s tears. “I need to move on. I can’t learn and adapt unless you give me the chance.” Her voice was gentle. “And you, Will…you need to move on…you need to go on with your life.”
Spike slowly, and painfully, got up and started to head over to the girls.
“Red, you need to listen, I’m sorry for everything.”
“Sorry?! You’re sorry!” she growled, pulling away from Tara. “This is your fault, you neutered vampire!”
Willow seethed, closed her eyes and started to chant a spell. She opened her eyes and held out her hands; palm side up, “Be gone!”
Spike shielded his face instinctively and braced for what was going to happen. He waited a moment for the spell to work and when nothing happened, he sighed deeply.
Willow had a confused look on her face.
“What’s going on? That spell should have sent you straight to the sun. I don’t understand.” She looked to Tara, “What’s going on? I don’t understand anything any more. We were happy last night. And now you’re rolling around in Spike’s bed, wearing his mark!!”
“He’s my sire, I belong to him now. Willow, we have already been over this. We can’t be together. Everything is different.” Tara tapped her foot impatiently, getting increasingly tired of the redhead’s question and tears.
Her face changed and she showed her fangs. “This is what I am now Willow. You need to see that!” she snarled. She closed her eyes for a moment and whispered, “I’m so sorry.”
“No, no, not you, too…” Willow’s voice was shaky, rough with raw pain. “I can’t be without both of you. No, no, Tara, no…you can’t leave me, too!”

Buffy raced down the street towards Spike’s crypt. ‘I hope I’m not too late, I hope that Willow doesn’t go off on Spike once she realizes the truth and I so hope Giles is quick with this spell. I’m sure I’m not the only one not looking forward to the possibility of her going over the edge.’
When Buffy got to the crypt, the door was open and she walked in. Nobody was around but she heard voices in the tunnel.
“Bedroom?” she said confused. “Why would they be down there?” she stopped short when she heard the voices more clearly.
‘Things will never be the same.’

Back at the summers house…
“Hello? Buffy?” Dawn called out. She looked at Xander when there was no answer. “Where could they be?”
“I don’t know. They might have gone out for a walk or something,” he softly said.
Dawn weighed his words for a moment then rushed upstairs to Willow’s room, stopping short at the doorway when she saw the bullet hole in the bedroom window. Taking a deep breath, she turned on the light and walked slowly in. Her hand went to her mouth and she gasped when her blue eyes fell upon the blood stained carpet.
“Come on Dawnie,” Anya gently said, taking her arm and leading her down the hall to the bathroom.
She sat the girl down on the toilet and wet a washcloth with cold water.
“It’s just all so …” Her voice was small and trailed off
Anya patted her face softly with the cloth, hoping it would ease her and make her feel somewhat better.
Dawn nodded. “Maybe I’ll lay down for a bit.”
“That sounds good. Would you like me to stay with you, maybe read you one of those fake fables you humans enjoy so much?”
She stood up and smiled. “No, thanks…for the story offer. But the company would be nice.” Dawn hugged the ex-demon, grateful she was there.

Buffy crouched down to get a better listen as to what was going on, when suddenly the voices stopped and she heart a thud.
She jumped down the hole, not paying attention to the ladder and looked around. She took in the scene before her.
Tara was half naked and looking battered. Spike was kneeling in the corner, half naked and very bloody. Willow was passed out on the floor. The Slayer fumed. Willow on the floor, out? Immediately, she ran to her best friend, her eyes searching for a pulse. Finding one, she checked for bite marks and found none. She did, however, find a bruised cheek. A low growl escaped from her lips and she glared at the newly vamped witch.
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